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Bank Cleaning

In the competitive and fast-paced banking world it is imperative to maintain a professional environment. We know that appearance matters, and Javlin Cleaning and Services is here for you when clients walk through your doors, entering a banking facility that is fresh, clean, and sanitary.

Our team knows the places which require special care which includes areas as

  • teller counters
  • token kiosks
  • bank representative cabins
  • waiting areas
    and so on, which must be deep cleaned.

We ensure to provide a hygienic and clean environment so your customers can use your banking facilities without any concerns.

Our Bank Cleaning also includes

  • Wet wipe ceiling fans & light fixtures
  • Clean tops of kitchen cabinets
  • Clean exterior of all cabinets
  • Wet wipe all exposed baseboards
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Dust all surfaces, corners, and edges
  • Clean all appliances
  • Vacuum all wall, ceiling & exhaust vents
  • Wet wipe door moldings, trim & locks
  • Edge carpets with crevice tool
  • Move and vacuum under furniture
  • All wall hangings cleaned
  • Remove all cobwebs and thorough dusting
    And so on..

Our cost effective and reliable cleaning services that we aim to provide to all clients