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Office Cleaning

Whatever the business is, the workplace is the backbone of any company. The office is the place where the staff and client bring out the growth and success of your business. However, if space is messy, there will be negative effects on your business.

Having a clean space also ensures your equipment lasts longer and employees aren’t getting sick because of the environment they are working in. With professional office cleaning services in Qatar, we can guarantee your office cleanliness is exceptional and it will exceed your expectations.

Every corner of your workplace is taken care of by our team. Our team uses the best quality cleaning agents to remove dust, germs, and unpleasant smells from your workplace.

Our Office Cleaning Includes :

• Office’s Cabins Cleaning
• Washroom Cleaning
• Pantry Room Cleaning
• Organizing Office
• Vacuuming Carpets
• Cleaning Office Equipment
• Lights Cleaning
• Tables and Chairs Cleaning
• Wet wipe ceiling fans & light fixtures
• Clean tops of kitchen cabinets
• Clean exterior of all cabinets
• Wet wipe all exposed baseboards

• Complete fridge and oven cleaning
• Spot cleaning walls
• Dust all surfaces, corners, and edges
• Clean all appliances
• Vacuum all wall, ceiling & exhaust vents
• Wet wipe door moldings, trim & locks
• Edge carpets with crevice tool
• Move and vacuum under furniture
• All wall hangings cleaned
• Remove all cobwebs and thorough dusting
• Internal and External Windows Cleaning
• Floor Cleaning and Polishing

It is recommended to have your office deep cleaned every six months at least to provide the best hygiene environment for the staff.

It is important to clean your office regularly.

We are providing

• Daily Office Cleaning Service
• Weekly Office Cleaning Service
• Monthly Package
• Annual Package

We also offer various monthly and Yearly packages for our customers.

Our cost effective and reliable cleaning services that we aim to provide to all clients